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As a reminder "All members are expected to routinely help with the maintenance of common areas. All members are required to contribute a minimum of six hours per year of activity to routinely help with the maintenance of common areas." Croftburn Rules Section 1 (o)


These duties are not limited to our communal work days and can be carried out at any time throughout the year.

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11th January

All members meeting cancelled.  Other arrangements are underway.



10th January - update

Hi plotholders. Do you support my suggestion of an EGM on Sun 20 January 12.30pm solely to try and fill empty Committee posts? I seem to need 9 other ppl to agree. Don't think it matters if you can make it...

This meeting is solely to elect new committee members, esp a Secretary and Treasurer. I can act as treasurer till I go back to uni on 16th February. This will allow for dues to be paid into bank, at least. Can't commit to further than that atm. Me doing that will need to be moved, and forwarded, I guess. I recall Mark posting about needing a membership secretary at some point. Please consider if you can help out with the committee this year. Please note that I will not be entering into any discussions about any other issue raised at the AGM.



10th January


EGM meeting Sunday 13th Janauary

We seem to be in a bit of a mess going into 2019. I'm off uni till 16 Feb. I'm prepared to take on the roll of treasurer till then, which would give me time to collect and pay dues into account. I would need to get authorisation for the bank account, I guess. I propose a meeting to make this official (temporarily)and sort out a secretary too for the missives. Which I think Mark Aston has volunteered to do. I propose that this Sunday at 1pm as many as people as poss come to an EGM meeting at the cabin to get Mark and I official. There are other issues ongoing that I don't want to get involved in at that time.




8th January

The first GAF meeting for 2019 will be on Thursday, 10 January, at 7:00 PM at Garnethill Multicultural Centre, Rose Street, Glasgow.

As the allotments officer Sandy Paterson will be attending, it might be prudent for those members seeking clarification on Croftburn status, and the outstanding issue of member expulsion, to head along.


1st January 2019


Dear Plotholders,


On behalf of the Glasgow Allotments Forum (GAF) Committee I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year.


We had a successful year in 2018 with good attendance at Potato Day and our October Celebration. We showed our appreciation of good practice with the New Plotholders’ Awards and the launch of the Allotment Development Awards.


Our workshop in October resulted in the publication of the GAF Manifesto which sets out of the value of allotmenteering to the City as we look forward to the implementation of the new allotment legislation under the Community Empowerment Act.


This year saw the launch of our new website at https://www.glasgowallotments.orgwhere you’ll find our calendar for 2019. We also have a new general e-mail address:


We look forward to seeing you at our first meeting for the new season on Thursday January 10that Garnethill Multicultural Centre starting at 7 pm.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another great growing season.


Happy New Year


Jenny Reeves


26th December

I have read on our Facebook page that there has been some discussion surrounding the nomination and election of a member to Association Secretary.  Can I remind everyone that during this process “all” members should be advised of any discussion regarding Committee nomination(s). Therefore, a meeting must be called notifying all members of the process and nomination(s), this in turn will give others the chance to attend/participate.  Any change or “ad hoc” arrangements would be unconstitutional. Furthermore, the use of Facebook for any important intimations by the committee was questioned in the past by a couple of members, hence the reason why we established a website.  However, this too has been challenged at the last AGM.  It was decided that a communal notice board would be constructed and members further notified by this means. I give this advice as a word of caution, and alert members to the possible later challenge to any decisions being made by a “few members” temporary or otherwise.  Finally, LES will have to be informed of the election and process.  Over the last year LES have had complaints from “some members” regarding membership decisions and others claiming they were not made aware of meetings taking place? Those members who attended our AGM will know that some matters still remain to be resolved.  In conclusion, any unconstitutional election process however “temporary” will be null and void.  All members who completed a missive at our AGM have had them handed in to LES.  The matter of approval lies with LES.  

Best wishes.  




24th November

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM today. Unfortunately we were not able to fill any of the vacant committee positions. However, I’m confident that the new year will bring volunteers. When Liz returns I’ll meet up with her and she can sign off your completed missives. I’ll hand them in to GCC LES, ASAP. I’ll leave the remainder of the missives in the cabin. On behalf of all our members I would like to thank Liz and Guayi for all their hard work over the last 5 years. They have contributed greatly to the development of the plots and enriched our community. Thanks also to Dominic, Chris and Josie for your support this year, our allotments couldn’t have done without it. Wishing all our members a very happy and peaceful Christmas best wishes to everyone.



20th November

A reminder that our AGM takes place this Saturday full details in the events section of our Facebook page. As some members wrote directly to LES this year we particularly would like you to attend. The AGM is a platform for discussion and you will be given time to air your views. Please make every effort to attend.


26th October

Nominations are now open for next year’s committee. Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and general committee members. If you would like to nominate someone or put yourself forward for any of these positions. Please email the committee via our website.


**Important Information** 20th October

Having returned from holiday late last night I went down to the allotments this morning to collect the last of my stored onions. As I entered the plots I heard running water, we've had trespassers again. Given the lack of fencing around our perimeter it is hardly surprising. Anyway I turned off two taps one at Hannah's plot and the other at Mark's. Not sure how long these taps have been running but not too much flooding. The good news is our trespassers are covered in anti vandal paint !! Thank you Patrick :)

I guess the taps were in retaliation..? just be careful as the taps have residue paint on them at both locations. I've taken the decision on your behalf to turn ALL water to the allotments off, just in case of a return visit. Further to this, there has been vandalism to our communal poly tunnel it's been cut open and I found two incinerator bin lids which are now on the bench at the front of our communal cabin, they were left on my plot. Please collect ASAP.

Lastly plot 15 (Gordon) your poly tunnel has been flattened worth going down and assessing the damage. I walked around the plots and that seems about it. Final thoughts on this matter for now is that we have an uphill battle with security. The lack of perimeter fencing is hampering our ability to make the plots secure. We will have to discuss this among other issues at our AGM. Sorry I've not included pics but I forgot my phone today.


24th September - Member Mark Aston


Pat told me as he was leaving the padlock from the outside gate was missing. Another plot-holder on site confirmed it was missing when she arrived. The previous person who had used it was Alister who I contacted and it was there when he left.

As the inner gate is probably most difficult to climb over, we will lock that and leave the outside gate unlocked but with a chain holding it to.

I have put the remaining bolt and lock from the front in the cabin to stop it wandering off.

If someone has accidentally taken the padlock could they please reunite with the bolt in the cabin. Or if anyone sees it lying around do the same.  Otherwise we need a new padlock for the front!


12th September

I've placed a link on our Home page of Croftburn Allotments review 2018 from "It's your neighbourhood" which is part of 'Keep Scotland Beautiful".  I'm delighted to say that we are now only 3 points short of the top level "outstanding" !! Well done to all our members.

In light of this recognition let's make 2019 the year in which Croftburn Allotments make the area all that it can be for us and our local community. I would further encourage all new members to become fully involved with our communal work days, a great way to get to know your fellow members. As always the committee are looking for helpers and especially innovative allotment ideas, so let's hear from you !


Best wishes

On Behalf of the Committee

David Finlay



23rd August

Croftburn Allotments AGM Saturday 24th November 10.00am. Venue Glencroft Community Hall. Tea/coffee/biscuits will be made available. As we have surplus items from our Open Day a raffle on arrival £1 per ticket for funds will be available. Please note each year we make a donation for the use of the hall, can each member please spare 50p towards this cost. Thanks


And also....


Firstly can I ask everyone to stop putting rubbish near the bark bays at the top end of the site. LES haven't come up with a solution yet to the great refuse debate, and it is making the place untidy for us and an eye sore for our neighbours. If you have rubbish please dispose of it yourself for the moment. Secondly I noticed at our Open Day the cabin was again in a bit of a mess. If the box that catches water ingress from the roof is full please empty it. The place is flooding and smells. Please do not just throw tools or equipment in the cabin James had to empty the box and tidy the cabin on Saturday and I hope it stays that way. I also noticed one of our newly purchased wheelbarrows has a flat tyre. No one said and just put it back. Why? We cannot keep replacing/repairing wheelbarrows. There is also one missing ? Please treat communal equipment as if it was your own and report damaged tools and equipment immediately. We now have a notice board you could leave a note if you don't want to announce it publicly. Finally closing date for our poll on LES's suggestion on removing fencing to access the site is tomorrow (24th) have your say now. This will be fed back to LES next week. Have a nice day !


18th August

Thank you to those members who came along braving the elements and helping out with our Open Day. Special thanks if you came along to help with the set up and then went to work !! It was not the driest of days however I think we all enjoyed the social side of Croftburn allotments. It was nice to see a few of our neighbours visit and look around. As we have a few burgers and hot dogs left we can organise a communal work day later in the year and finish these off ! If you didn't make it today there is still a chance to make a small donation to our funds. Please see Guayi



17th August

Hi everyone

Reminder our Open Day is tomorrow. Please come down and help out the more helpers the more fun. Set up starts at 10.00am for a noon start. Forecast looks OK..ish Like all of these days we just have to work with it. I’m making my special chilli tonight so if you’re looking for a nice snack tomorrow then come on down and try it out. I don’t take any compliments except that’s the best chilli I’ve ever tasted !!! . See you all tomorrow and please support this event.


10th August

In light of the recent suggestions from LES regarding skip delivery please record your preference via email on contact link include  your name and plot number. Closing date of poll 24th August


1. Widen the gates and posts.


2. Large industrial wheelie bins to be collected at front gate, when full. To be stored internally on site when not out for collection (**)


3. Remove the external gates and fence line entirely.


4. Request cleansing to enter the allotments and remove refuse. (**Committee suggestion)


8th August

With regard to the relocating of bins I will certainly ask the question whether these could be moved or if this is the only suitable location for these. The external gates are also having an impact on the ability of colleagues in Cleansing to deliver the skip.

I have been in extended discussions regarding skip provision which has led to the delay in providing a response; the outcome of this is that the risk assessment will not allow a skip to be delivered to site due to the minimal clearance at the external gates.

This leaves us with 2 options which are:

1. Widen the gates and posts ( which would cost several thousand pounds and would require additional funding to be secured to do so)

2. Remove the external gates and fence line entirely ( which would cost a few hundred pounds and could be covered from existing budgets). From today's email it would also remove the risk of the bins being used to gain unauthorised access. Security to the site would be maintained by the current internal gates and would allow skip deliveries to be maintained.

We would seek the associations comments regarding these options prior to arriving at a decision.

Sandy Paterson

Natural Environment Officer (Growing Spaces)

Land & Environmental Services


5th August

Thanks to everyone who turned up and contributed today to our discussion on security at the allotments. Your assistance with decision making is very much appreciated. regards Croftburn Committee


Message from LES 3rd August

As part of Glasgow hosting the European Championships in 2018, we have a marquee on Glasgow Green as part of the “Go Live at the Green” Celebrations.

Please feel free to drop by and visit a “ Celebration of Glasgow Gardens” with our colleagues from the RSPB; be inspired by our pallet garden where we look at innovative gardening techniques including vertical growing and straw bale growing reusing materials others may think of as wastes or visit our colleagues in Biodiversity and Conservation and hear about the Pollinator Plan.

Workshops for adults and kids are available on a daily basis hosted by our colleagues from Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens.

Or if you just fancy a blether about all things growing, please just drop.


30th July


After the recent spate of break-ins and trespass the committee held a meeting yesterday 29th July to review security. We would therefore like to speak with all members this Sunday 5th August @ 2.00pm outside the communal cabin. The agenda is to listen to our proposals and consider some spending to increase security. Please make every effort to attend.


24th July skip update

I have communicated directly with the relevant colleagues and have been advised that the driver has twice attempted to deliver a skip but is concerned with the clearance for his vehicle at the gates which led to the non-delivery on both occaisions


I have advised that skips have been delivered here in the past without issue and now await a reply to advise how this will be dealt with.


I will advise the association of the outcome as soon as I have received said reply.


I trust this is of some assistance in the meantime.



Sandy Paterson

Natural Environment Officer (Growing Spaces)

Land & Environmental Services


21st July

Attention all members. Today just over an hour ago 1.00pm Ruth challenged an intruder to the allotments. He was at Alister's shed and had been trying doors along that section of the plots that suffered two recent break-ins . Ruth then told him to leave and reported this to the police. She is waiting on a call back. I have contacted our Secretary who will also raise this matter with the police. Obviously this is very concerning during the day. Please be vigilant, have a mobile handy (if you have one) and when you see this kind of activity call the police. Sometimes these kind of things can escalate and the intruder may be more hostile next time. Please be attentive and careful.



20th July

Unfortuntely we’ve had another break last night,as far as we can see it’s two sheds.  The plot holders are Gordon and Trudy. Both have been advised. My advice is do not keep anything of any value eg power tools and equipment in your shed. Elizabeth is not feeling very well at the moment and will inform the police in due course.


On a more positive note we’ve been visited by Helen from Keep Scotland Beautiful. Elizabeth myself and Helen walked around the allotments outlining our efforts to develop the site to be a place that the local community would appreciate. Thank you Helen for your time and advice.


And finally thank you to Tracy, Ian and others who helped weed and clear up very much appreciated. As I write we have a noticeboard being mounted on the back of the communal cabin door. This board can be used for general information requests etc by all members.


19th July

We had another break in last night. Plot 18 to 30 affected. Please come down and check if anything is missing. 2 lawnmowers found they are in the cabin. Police have been down and need to know who was the last person and time. Also a list of missing items and value for police report.


Can I ask anyone who knows what happened to Fatima‘s compost to contact the committee in confidence. Although it seems like a minor issue, I’m sure like me you would be unhappy with someone helping themselves. If we are not successful in establishing who and/or why it was taken, I’ll put it up for discussion at our AGM. If anyone else is in a similar position with deliveries or equipment going missing please let the committee know.


Our open day is in a month. We need volunteers to set up at 9 am and to clear up at the end at 4 pm. Please contact us with your preferred task.


If you’ve taken any of our black plastic sheet can you please let Guayi know ASAP. She’ll be delighted to take payment. Thanks


At our Open Day planning meeting today the following points were agreed. Any member who would like to help out on the day please contact us. All members are requested to come along and support this fund raising event.


BBQ - burgers & buns – David (50)

Hot dogs + buns (40) David supply - Laura sell

Paella cooking pan - stir fry / pancakes

Donations of home baking from members

Donations for raffle from members (Bottles etc)

Tea/coffee/juice (£1 free top up)

Spanish Omelet – Guayi to supply

Chili – David supply

Potato printing – Josie

Soup – lentil – Marion to supply – Laura sell

Chutney – Mark to supply

Selling veg and chutney – Hannah and Peter

Volunteers needed to set up on the day and clean up at end !!!

Guayi will coordinate all monies

Tidy up around the allotments to be next

communal task.


13th July

Update on the skip


I can only apologise for this; I have made two requests for this to be delivered and am aghast to find this out.

I’ll be speaking with the relevant colleague later today to discuss this in more depth and ensure this skip is delivered.

Sandy Paterson



13th July

Attention all plot holders. Last night we had a visitor(s) to the plots. The inside gate padlock has been cut with bolt cutters. This will have to be replaced. I have taken the slip bolt with the other padlock and kept them in my shed to avoid them being lost. Someone seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to cut the inside gate padlock (not the front) to cause some damage to shed 11. Plot 13 the shed door had not been locked and is open. Plots 14 & 15 show very minor signs of having been tampered. Myself and Elizabeth have walked around the allotments and see no other sign of vandalism. Can I ask all plot holders to check out your allotment at some point today and report anything to the committee via Facebook or our website.


12th July

OK looks like we're on for a general meeting of volunteers to help out with the Open Day planned for Saturday 18th August. If you would like to help out in any way please come along this Saturday 14th July at 12 noon. Please bring plenty of ideas and a smile !!!


David Finlay


Hi back from hols and catching up with a few comments on here.

Firstly please no more comments about the skip it was ordered back in April (18th). We're waiting on LES to respond. If you have to talk with someone please speak with me either via this website contact page or see me on my plot (9). As for the noticeboard hopefully have it attached to the "inside" door of the cabin (it's not an "all weather" board so this is the best place for it. This will mean just like this Facebook page and our website you'll have to read it !! to "keep up to date" with events. No one will receive a email due to incorrect addresses, typo's and mail being directed into spam folders etc. Hope this clears this matter up. Finally good to see our Laura pulling together an Open Day thank you Laura please respond and help out. We've always had a good community spirit and I'm sure like me, you don't want to see that fade. Sorry this is long winded.... nice to see the veg starting to grow on the plots. Oh one final matter ...we were growing garlic and shallots in the raised beds and I noticed the garlic lifted and lying on the beds anyone know what happened to the shallots. We were going to sell them at the Open Day?? or have I missed something? Please PM me about this if you know anything.




5 litres of oil/petrol 2 stroke mix in the red comtainer for the strimmers. 10 litres of petrol for the mowers in the green.container. 1 litre of 2 stroke oil bought. Gyal ill get the receipts to you and pick up the money at some point, no rush. Ive put a combination lock on the cupboard. I think paint technically counts as a hazardous substance so thats in there too. If anyone sees stuff like that lying about please lock it away. At Tollcross park neds did manage to force entry to the container (we had a window), and got more than they bargained for with the petroLol, The cops were waiting for him as he stepped out of A and E. I think its a legal requirement, so please comply. .



Laura plot 23

This is a Thursday afternoon 14th June alternative to the usual Saturday work mornings. The task will be to make a start on clearing Plot 22. Please bring shears if you have them. I'm not sure about catering yet. Will need to see if I can figure out the kitchen. Hopefully tea/coffee and biscuits at least... I will keep an eye on the weather. It's supposed to be dry in the afternoon.


Please read. Very important!!

I had a meeting with LES yesterday (Sandy from GCC)

The outcome was positive but we need to address several issues.

1. Lack of involvement of members in commitee and resignations. If Allotments don't have a proper committee get taken by the council.

2 funding. Grants take time and work. Jossie has tried very hard this year unsuccessfully. We need volunteers for that.

3 fund raising events. We usually have 2 events per year. A charity for friends and family of plot holders end June beginning July and an Open day in August. We need volunteers this year to lead and organise these events.

4. Security and maintenance. The site is looking well but grass in communal areas is overgrown. Please take some time to cut it. Machines have been serviced. If there's no petrol , go and buy some. Guayi will refund you.

In regards to gates will remain closed.

5 after the Summer we will have a review and a further meeting with LES. If further action had not been taken in regards to the previously mentioned points the Council will intervene.

Please leave a message here if you wish to volunteer in any of these tasks. The allotments are for all of us to enjoy but also we should all take responsibility and ownership.






Thanks to all those members who attended our meeting today. Thanks also to those who couldn't make it along and emailed the Secretary with their input. A full discussion took place and a minute of the meeting will be placed on Facebook by our Secretary. A copy will also be uploaded to our website



Thank you to Gordon and Dominic for their help today with the plot inspections


Additional volunteers for this year's plot inspection would be helpful and speed the whole process up. If you would like to assist, please come along on Saturday at 11.00am. No experience required !



As there has been some discussion regarding the front gates. All members are invited to a meeting on Saturday 12th May at 1.00pm. Apologies if you can't make it however you can record your comments by emailing our Secretary Liz. Any decision taken on the day will be upheld until the next AGM.



Reminder: Plot inspections 12th May. Please paint your shed (paint in cabin) and weed the edge of your plot's pathway. Thanks



The date for the Open Day at Budhill and Springboig Allotments is 20th May 2018. They can be found here:

Budhill & Springboig

Gartocher Road



G32 0HW

Gates will be open at noon and everyone is welcome to have a wander around the plots and accessible growing area or pick up a plant bargain.


The first plot inspection of the year will take place on Saturday 12th May beginning at 11.00am. Please make every effort to ensure your shed is painted and in good repair, your path edges are weed free and your plot is up to standard. Full details on the inspection criteria at


Well looks like the spring has finally sprung albeit late. Can I ask everyone at some point to paint your shed (paint in cabin) and clear the paths beside your plot from grass/weeds. We all take on this responsibility when we become members. If the removal of grass/weeds destroys the path at least we can see what we have to repair. Wild flower seed planting around the pond will take place next weekend as long as it doesn't snow !!!


As part of our Grow Wild application we've agreed to sow the supplied seeds around the pond area. We also have some perennial seeds and these can be sown at the front gates and if we have enough around the allotments. If you can come along on the 28th April from 11am - 2pm your help will be much appreciated.


2nd April

Well the weather is still poor and temperatures low to say the least. Anyway we've had a couple of people interested in bulk purchasing topsoil. So we need to gauge numbers and try to take advantage of a bulk buy. We don't have any costing, however before we start to shop around can you contact a member of the committee via our contact page on how much you'd like e.g. 0.5 or 1 tonne or multiples of these amounts. To give you an idea of quantity 1 tonne bag is equivalent to around 11 level wheelbarrow loads.


22nd April next Communal Work day 12.30


As some members will be replacing/repairing their roofing felt, we’ve purchased a step up platform. I’ll leave it in the cabin on Friday morning. As with all tools and equipment please do not remove it from the site. Can I also remind members to return it to the cabin immediately after use. Thanks.


Plot holders should strive to grow organically and no chemical substances including weed killers, pesticides or herbicides are to be

used on plots.


18th March

This is will be our second communal working day of the year. Tasks Paths and Pond. There will be a suggestion box for ideas from members. Members are encouraged to bring any ideas or issues to the Committee as per our AGM.


24th February

Well done to all those who took part in today's communal tasks. We got a lot done and the soup was delicious. I would especially like to thank Jim Finlay for 16hrs he has spent so far, clearing top path of weeds. Next time we will be tackling the pond area and paths with

sausages will be on the menu. This will be on Sunday 18th March


24th Feb   Invoices from Glasgow City Council LES are now being sent out.


16th Feb


Will members who have not paid the agreed association fee to Guayi please make arrangements now. The due date was last month !!

Does anyone know what happened to the steel bar on the front gate that holds both padlocks? It has been removed and we now only have our own padlock on the gate?? If it doesn't appear Croftburn will be liable for replacing the locking device. The other padlock belongs to Scottish Power and they may require access at some point over the year. Any help appreciated.


24th February will be our first communal working day of the year. Tasks to be tackled are clearing paths, litter, tidy front gate area and clean up bark storage area around the car park. There will be a suggestion box for ideas from members. Members are encouraged to bring any ideas or issues to the Committee as per our AGM. If you can help Liz we need volunteers to make soup. No help or ideas refused !!!

Workday minute

28th Feb

EGM May 12th LES update